New Glasgow, Nova Scotia Screening: 7 June 2013

Pictou Country Active Transportation is hosting a screening of You Never Bike Alone during its Bikeweek 2013 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

The screening follows a 15 km loop following a route where new bike lanes will be installed in the coming months that will connect downtown New Glasgow to Trenton Park.

Time Friday 7th June 2013, 7:30pm

Thunder Bay Screening

The Environmental Film Network in Thunder Bay is hosting a screening of You Never Bike Alone this month.

YNBA now on Cinema Politica Network

You Never Bike Alone is now on the Cinema Politica network.

Art Threat Review

Art Threat chose You Never Bike Alone as its Film of the Week at the end of July.

Buy the You Never Bike Alone DVD

The You Never Bike Alone DVD is priced at C$20 (this includes taxes and free shipping) for home use.

Please contact us about buying a copy with Public Screening Rights if you want to hold a public screening or if you want to pay by cheque.

Click on the "Buy now" button. We use Paypal for payments (ICYCLE.CA Productions Ltd is the production company behind the film). Credit card payments are supported. Please include the full name and address for delivery.

3 June 2011: Victoria Screening of You Never Bike Alone

Cinema Politica Victoria is presenting an evening screening of You Never Bike Alone on the last day of Bike to Work Week. I'm planning to make this myself.

You Never Bike Alone featured in Vancouver Art Gallery Exhibition til May 2011

You Never Bike Alone features in new Vancouver Art Gallery exhibition til 1st May 2011.

Greater Vancouver Bike Shops

You can get the You Never Bike Alone DVD at these bike and bike-friendly shops in the Greater Vancouver area. You can also buy the DVD online.

Helmets and the Culture of Fear

This isn't part of the film but I thought it worth sharing. Mikael Colville-Andersen explains why helmet laws are bad for cycling.

Uptown Magazine (Winnipeg) Movie Review

Uptown Magazine in Winnipeg posted a four-star review of You Never Bike Alone in its latest edition. Incidentally, Winnipeg Film Festival was my first choice for premiering the film. Winnipeg's Critical Mass had experienced some highly publicised arrests and a general hardening of attitudes towards critical mass which is referred to in the movie review.

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