Video: A New Bridge For Vancouver?

This is a post-script to the chapter in the film about the Burrard Bridge and also to a recent blog post.

Montreal Screening: 11 December, 2008

The Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal is holding a free screening of You Never Bike Alone, to accompany an upcoming exhibition about actions in the
city such as gardening, recycling, playing, walking, and, of course, cycling.

Hamilton Screening: 26 September, 2008

Hamilton, Ontario, is having its first screening of You Never Bike Alone. The screening will take place following the Hamilton Car Free Week Critical Mass bike ride on the last Friday of September.

Solar Cinema Screening in Eindhoven, Netherlands: 20 September 2008

The first solar powered screening of You Never Bike Alone is lined up for Eindhoven in the Netherlands

You Never Bike Alone joins Brave New Theaters network

You Never Bike Alone is now part of the Brave New Theaters network.

Calgary, Alberta Ride-In Screening of You Never Bike Alone: 28 June 2008

You Never Bike Alone is having a screening in the beating black heart of Canada's oil "patch", Calgary.

Edmonton, Alberta Screening: 23 June, 2008

June is Bike Month in Edmonton. As part of the Bikeology Festival there's going to be a screening of You Never Bike Alone at the Metro Cinema.

Abbotsford Screening: 28 May, 2008

Join the UCFV EnviroClub for a Bike to Work Week screening of You Never Bike Alone on Wednesday, 28th May.

Rock Island, Illinois Screening: 15 May, 2008

We are pleased to announce there will be a screening in Rock Island, Illinois.

The screening is being organised by Quad Cities Transportation Advocacy Group, during Bike To Work Week. There will be a discussion afterwards about the points raised in the film.

Vancouver Mayoral Candidate Rides with the Masses

On Friday the sun was out, Spring was in the air, and it was a great day for a bike ride. These April and May rides are my favourite of the year

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