Brighton, England screening

There will be a screening of You Never Bike Alone on 25th April 2008 in Brighton in the South of England.

Toronto Screening of You Never Bike Alone - 23 April 2008

You Never Bike Alone is having another Toronto screening. It is being shown in the 3rd Annual TorontoTheBetter PWYC Movie, Discussion, & Action Series.

Toronto Community Bicycle Network screening

The Community Bicycle Network (CBN), the charitable organization that runs the BikeShare programme, a community bike lending programme similar to Amsterdam's White Bike project, had a screening after Critical Mass last month.

Carbusters Movie Review

"I laughed, I cried. I felt stronger and more optimistic about our chances after watching You Never Bike Alone." Carbusters magazine.

Toronto Premiere of You Never Bike Alone on BikeFriday

You Never Bike Alone will be having its Toronto premiere at the 8th Planet in Focus film festival on Friday 26th October.

About You Never Bike Alone - the Movie

You Never Bike Alone is an 82 minute documentary, available online and on DVD, looking at how cyclists are building critical mass in Vancouver, Canada, and changing the face of the city. It is the story of how a social movement grows and the people behind it.

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Video: a slip in time

A cycling reverie from Vancouver, Canada.

Video: East Van Bike Polo (shown as part of Bike Shorts)

A 2 minute short of East Van Bike Polo shown as part of the Bike Shorts night at the VanEast Cinema.

U.S. Premiere: Portland, Oregon Screening of You Never Bike Alone

You Never Bike Alone is playing on Friday 22nd June at PedalPalooza, Portland's famous Summer bike fest.

International Premiere: Edinburgh , Scotland Screening of You Never Bike Alone

You Never Bike Alone has been chosen to play at the Bicycle Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, in what will be the international premiere.

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